Monday, May 13, 2013

Sk8 to Educate!

Sex trafficking…the more I talk about it the more frustrated I get, I see people turn off and shut down when I start to talk about the topic. I have no problem attempting to spread the word to anyone that will listen. I just hope that with our efforts we can really get across to people that “sex trafficking is alive and growing, it is not just happening in other countries it IS happening in your country.”
My goal is to be able to educate others just enough for them to help educate others. The awareness needs to be spread to help keeps others safe from being sucked into the trafficking world.
We have been planning to skate across the Netherlands for over a year now and the following is just not there like we had hoped it would be. I sit and wonder if it is because people believe we cannot... do it or if it is the subject matter either way IT WILL HAPPEN. It would be nice to have more sponsorship and supporters be if we need to prove ourselves before all the support floods in then that is what we will do.

Sk8 to educate, it’s what derby folks do!
Sum Mo Payne

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  1. Hey Mo....just letting you know you guys have inspired me to educate and get more educated on the topic!! I am going to write a midterm on it :-) haven't narrowed it down completely, but I will be in touch with y'all as a source just so ya know!