Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Any Ideas??

Last time I wrote about the Dutch legislature. I can imagine that it was a though job to read, but for the cause a good start. This time I will not  bore you with this legal stuff, maybe in my next blog because there is a sequel of course.  I just want to share with you some thoughts and questions with you I am pondering about.

Since the visit to Sweden by various politicians on human sex trafficking, and mainly about prostitution, the subject became a hot topic in the media. As you may have read in my previous blog, the Dutch government has to stow quite a bit of work in the field of politics and legislation. They do that and they also report neatly back to the society what has been done and what has been decided. Beautiful....The media is full of posts about human (sex) trafficking. Mostly informative about what has been decided and which path the Dutch legislature wants to follow regarding prostitution. And of course the opinion of the public, let’s not forget about that.
What strikes me about all of this is that there is much shouting about the subject of human sex trafficking but  did that change something on a social level. So a lot of theory, but where is the implementation? Are there visible changes? I am referring to the embellished picture people have about prostitution.

Most people find it quite normal to find prostitutes in the Red-light districts or in other well-known places (a bit more underground). It just doesn’t occur to people that prostitution is not normal. Ask any person about prostitution and you will be told that the girls (or men) are not victims and surely chooses to do that themselves. Bollocks! We really need to get rid of this stigma.

In an open political debate that I attended a little while ago, a speaker called prostitution commercial rape. I think it’s a good description and also true. Sex for money. Sex for power. Would you sell your own body? More specifically; would you let someone else sell your body? Would you stimulate you own daughter or son to do this ‘job’ to gain money or power?

I mean how could we call ourselves civilized and living in a civilized society when apparently commercial rapes are approved. So how do you change the image of the masses? Any ideas (without any bloodshed of course)??

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