Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wake up.

When becoming involved with any project that hopes for an outcome of change, those involved must become educated on the matters at hand. I have been personally seeking out information on sex trafficking for quite some time and moral is: THE FACT THAT THIS EVEN HAPPENS SICKENS ME. As a human how and when did someone think this up?! Really, the thought process must have gone something like this as far as I can figure: “You know what would be a great idea, let’s steal individuals of a various selection, house them in prison camps, abuse them physically & mentally and then offer them up to other people willing to pay for them and we make a profit from it”. Who and where did this become ok?

This thought process is not ok. Individuals every day are being taken into sex trafficking rings and we as a society are none the wiser. Maybe we don’t even know it’s happening or maybe it’s the fact we don’t want to think that this could ever really affect us or perhaps it’s because it’s so mentally shaking of a concept that we as a society would rather not talk about it but in fact it’s happening in our backyards, front yards, next door neighbors and right down the street. Now I’m not suggesting or implying it happening EVERYWHERE you look but it IS happening. Face the music folks, this has been going on in our world right under our noses but yet we don’t want to talk about it or don’t even realize it.

The whole situation is for lack of a better word, disgusting. Recently I watched a CNN special on the woes of the USA on the matter and one gentleman caught purchasing a teenage girl of 13 stated how “It was just as easy as ordering a Pizza.” A PIZZA! He compared his purchase of a human being to a PIZZA.  Really America?! The girl purchased like a pizza gave an interview about how originally she had gotten into the realm on her own free will however over time when she decided this was not the life to live it was too late to retreat. The gentleman that currently “owned” her said he would kill her and her family if she even thought about it. She was beaten daily, rarely fed, and kept in a room the size of a closet until a new customer came along.  Now I ask you, how does that make you feel? Here are some possibilities: a) you are horrified and disgusted, b) you can’t wrap your head around it thus turn and look the other way or c) you don’t believe it or don’t want to for that matter… that can’t happen here or to anyone I know.

Here lays the problem:  The average person went with the answers B & C. When something disturbing is thrown in our faces we tend to either brush it off or dwell on it for a minute but go about our lives without skipping a beat. Those that answer A may go about their lives with this new information about what’s happening in the world today, casually bring it up in conversation, maybe research it a little and when they have problems sleeping at night because of how disturbing these situations are they put the thought process on the back burner and go about life having been a bit enlightened. There is another choice folk: The choice to help those affected by this form of inhumane actions. There are uncountable numbers of individuals that have been taken from their normal lives and forced without choice to become an item of lust for profit not of theirs. They are unable to speak for themselves and are quietly calling from the hole of a life they have been forcibly put it for help. Stand up for them. Make a difference to see a change. We are and here’s how:


Sum Mo Payne (30 years old) and PBR (25 years old) are founding members of the Sioux City Roller Dames (est. 2008), ambassadors for the Triple Threat Derby Girls, founding skaters of Sk8 the State for MS and also coaches for Sioux City’s Korn Stalkers Men’s Roller Derby Team. For the last 5 years these two have been making left circles and trying to change the world one skate stride at a time. Whether it be sk8ing states yearly in the US to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis, organizing large events to make money for local charities, hosting boot camps for leagues interested in furthering themselves competitively and much more is what their resumes are made of. The next point of interest for these ladies is strapping on their Vanilla skates and making a difference in the Netherlands.

For almost 2 years Mo has been researching sex & human trafficking during her pursuit to be an adult educator of taboo topics as a Professor and Prevention Specialist. After many late night phone calls, the dynamic duo decided they would like to help make a difference and do it in a big way! Subject matter on a documentary frontier was tossed around and with the help of outside resources a plan was set into place in a ground breaking way to lead the way for this project. The planning stage is the most important and it is moving along smashingly. After reading about Holland and it's problems with sex trafficking, it was apparent that they had to sk8 and make a difference as well to let the country know there are women being forced to have sex while their freedom is at stake. These individuals and many more are being sold and traded against their will.

In September 2013, what better way to make a difference then by the way they and so many others are accustomed too. SKATING! With the help of Polkashot and the Dom City Dolls, the duo & others are going to take a stand or a skate rather across the Netherlands and bring awareness and information to the country by letting everyone know that slavery is still happening and growing right now. They will provide information for women who may be being trafficked and with options of ways for them to get help. This project is huge and the documentary will be even bigger. Their hearts are over whelmed with joy from this project and what potential of making a difference it holds. They also look forward to meeting the Dom City Dolls and other leagues along their way.

The overall Mission is to educate the world about sex trafficking/slavery through information dissemination and high profile activities in order to empower those in crisis to achieve the power of choice through freedom. If you have any ideas or questions feel free to contact them at: This is just a spark of a much bigger picture and only the beginning to something of epic proportions. Ask yourself: If you could make a difference, wouldn’t you?! These individuals feel they can and so they will!

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