Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make The Change

The Sk8 the Netherlands group knows that it only takes one person with a goal to take a stand (or a skate) to make a change. But we have 4 people and tons of supporters already who are looking to help us along the way and be part of the change.

Sex trafficking is growing at such a large rate that if it continues at this rate it will be the largest illegal industry. Right now, sex trafficking comes in at number 2 right under drug trafficking.
It is almost unbelievable the amount of people that are in the sex trade and are being forced to have sex for money that does not even benefit them. As soon as you read that did you check of mentally? Did you think that doesn’t happen here? Or that would never happen to me? Of course most of you did. It is a human response to something so disgusting that we don’t want to believe is happening. But that is exactly how the problem got so big. We cannot turn a blind eye to this any longer. This could happen to anyone. Have you ever watched a show were the victim stated, “I never thought it could happen to me”?

I am not saying you will be trafficked but what I am saying is let’s help educated women on how to stay safe! Let’s not shove this topic under the rug anymore, let’s just talk about it so people can be aware that it is happening and we can save lives. Let’s help out those who have had to endure this horrible lifestyle. Let’s ban together and MAKE THE CHANGE!

The Sk8 the Netherlands group will be making a change, help us if you can, help us spread the word and be your own hero.

We thank you.
Mo Payne and Sk8 the Netherlands crew

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