Saturday, September 8, 2012

What are you doing?!

We've got big things happening: documentary, sk8ing across countries, giving the unheard a voice, etc. No we are not crazy... yes we realize that seeking out information of this realm is dangerous... and yes we really are doing this. If you were sitting on your front porch reading the newspaper to find out a human being was being SOLD as a object or item of perversion with total loss of freedom without choice in your backyard, wouldn't you do something about it to educate the masses in order to eradicate this injustice?! Those forced into this realm are someone’s daughter or son. Think about that! Life should be about choice... and when someone has had their choices ripped from them it's necessary for others to make the choice to take a stand and educate the masses. We as a nation are blinded by the media and specialness of our society... Human Sex Trafficking is on the rise right in our backyards. Most had no choice and are taken by force... Really?! 2012?! Unheard of right... it's true and the sooner people take the ear muffs off about issues they care not to think about because it's disturbing the sooner we can rise to eradicate the issue and ensure we as human beings ALWAYS have a choice.

-Advocating for Freedom of Choice- <3 PBR

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