Sunday, September 9, 2012

Planning the Route

Sk8 the Netherlands to End Sex Trafficking takes place in September, 2013. The whole route will be skated in quad roller skates.

The basic idea is to skate via as many local derby leagues as possible. We will skate approximately 200 miles (or more) in four to six days and hope for a good weather!

Want to help out planning the route? Contact notforsale2013(at)!

Leagues in the Netherlands in September 2012:
  1. Wolvega - Wolf Dog Rollers
  2. Arnhem - Arnhem Fallen Angels
  3. Groningen - Northern Lightning Rollergirls
  4. Maastricht - Pink Peril
  5. Amsterdam - Amsterdam Derby Dames
  6. Eindhoven - Eindhoven Rockcity Rollers
  7. Enschede - Eastside Rock'n Rollers
  8. Zwolle - The Bashin Bluefingers
  9. Utrecht - Dom City Dolls
  10. Goes - Delta Roller Girls
  11. Den Haag - Parliament of Pain
  12. Dordrecht - Rotten Rebels
  13. Rotterdam - Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys
  14. Breda - Suck City Rock 'n Roller Dolls
  15. Den Bosch - Rolling Duchess of Death

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